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Ideas For Decorating A Romantic Platform In The Open Air


Do you dream of an outdoor wedding? Outside, surrounded by a beautiful natural setting, the portable stage platform where you are going to give the "yes, I want" takes on a special role. Make it the centre of all eyes with these simple tips!


Like simple style wedding dresses, outdoor links are a trend. Today, many couples bet on celebrating their B day in the middle of nature, where the original ideas for weddings often go unnoticed, since the charm of the natural setting itself is the true protagonist.


If you have decided to get married outdoors, you should think of a minimum of decoration ideas for weddings that contribute the essence and style that you want to convey in your day. For this reason, the portable stage platform - the heart of the ceremony -  should shine with its own light. No doubt, next to you too, will be the star of the ceremony!


Become the centre of all looks during the "yes, I want", the decoration of your romantic portable stage platform can be a success, taking into account some simple keys that we show below.


How Is The Stage?


If you want the portable stage platform does not disengage, the first thing you must do is adapt it to the natural scenery that surrounds your romantic celebration.


For example, if your wedding is by the sea, the portable stage platform may be accompanied by light fabrics or white flowers in the form of a vine. If, on the contrary, the link takes place in a garden, a leafy arch with large flowers in nude colours - also ideal in vintage bridal bouquets - and tulle details will give that unique and romantic touch. In a forest, you will get an intimate and romantic beauty with white gauzes, candles, lights, lanterns or flowers covering the portable stage platform. Likewise, wicker baskets, glass vases or wild flowers - basic in bridal bouquets 2017 - will perfectly complement your "yes, I want" in a Rustic setting.



Materials And Forms: Free Restraint To The Imagination!


You should also think about the material or materials that will give it shape. To design the portable stage platform table, the most common are wood, metal and natural stone, such as marble. Your final choice will depend on the style and setting of your wedding.


If you want to include a  bow  - which may well be round or square - again wood and metal are the two most common elements in its construction. And while the first one will fit nicer in casual, retro or country style links, the metal is perfect for the most romantic, vintage or wedding portable stage platform. If you do not want the bare bow, do you prefer to choose old doors or windows to delimit your magic stage?


The importance of colour


As we speak of outdoor portable stage platforms, the ideal to decorate them are natural tones, nude or white.


The composition in the same colour palette, the bet by a single key - like the white on the natural base of the wood or the metal - or the mixture of nudes with alive tones - like the white with red, green or orange- Will guarantee an excellent colour scheme.


If you still need more ideas and inspiration to choose your stage platform, let yourself be surprised by this selection of the best outdoor platforms of our bride and groom. Fantastic proposals that will not leave anyone indifferent! Nor will those incredible vintage bridal shoes that you love so much.



And do not forget to think about the flowers of your bouquet or the bride, because they should fit perfectly with those that make up the rest of the decoration of your ceremony.


Portable stage Platform are offered for all kinds of special and routine events. Now, they are readily available, affordable, and sensible for small organizations of all types. The great thing about staging similar to this is the fact that it's flexible. Possessing the full staging means whom I don't have any rolling stock in any way on the layout.


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